Colour me summer

Northland is singing with summer this January. With 8 whole weeks off work I am lucky enough to spend the long sunny days exploring the countryside and beaches of the far north. I am in awe of the bright colours that define our unique New Zealand summer.







3 thoughts on “Colour me summer

    1. Summer is such a wonderful time to visit NZ, you should add it to your bucket list! I would love to spend a winter in Europe, I seem to only ever visit during the summer months when it is our winter, I like to follow the sun!

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      1. All year summer…that’s my dream!!! But then it would be boring to wear the same kind of outfits all the time…and let’s be honest Barcelona is not a really cold city so I guess I have nothing to complain about hahaha
        I have seen your instagram!! You should have more followers… love all your pictures!!! Now I’m a big fan of yours 😀


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