Beginnings and Endings

Nearly two weeks into 2015 and I have already ticked one News Years resolution off the list – create a blog, tick! ‘Meet cute with me’ is my small corner of the web to share my love of sweet treats, cute outfits, adventures and Woody Allen movies.

This year is promising to be a brilliant one, it started surrounded by friends and family in the far north of New Zealand, a small slice of paradise I am proud to call home. As the sun set on 2014 we shook it off to Taylor Swift, sipped champagne, played board games, finished off several slabs of Whittaker’s 100s & 1000s chocolate and danced merrily around the living of our kiwi bach until the wee hours of the morning. A perfect goodbye to 2014.

As 2015 brings with it a new job and new adventures, I am looking forward to using this little area of cyber space as a creative outlet to curate my love for cooking, photography, fashion, event styling and travel. Happy New Year!

Alice Mccall


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